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Enable the Secure Endpoint

In your web.config file under the 3rd Party integration Service RESTFUL, you’d notice that there secure line is commented out and above it there is a comment:”You can only enable this if you have the HTTPS binding configured in the IIS”.

We going to be working on enabling this EndPoint.


Once you have a valid SSL certificate, it’s time to set up the HTTPS bindings in the IIS. Here is a guideline on how to Generate the SSL certificate.

Go into your XpressDox site in IIS and click Bindings:

Click Add:

From the top left (Type) select https, If you have IP address, select one, and add a valid Port, add a host name. Select your SSL Certificate.

Click Ok and then go back to your web.config. Now you can enable your Secure Endpoint:

Under webHttpBinding you can now enable security mode to Transport.

Do the same for basicHttpBinding


The SetWebInterviewSize Command

This command allows the template author to set the size (width only – height grows dynamically as required) of the web interview when the interview is integrated into a web page. Possible values for InterviewSize are: Small, Medium, Large and xLarge.

An example would be:


For more information about integrating an interview into your web page, please see the documentation built into XpressDox Cloud. To access the integration information, login to XpressDox Cloud, click to view any interview and then click the “Include Interview in your Page” link on the left had side of the page (link also available in the dropdown menu on the explorer page). Answer the very simple form and hit the “Show Me How” button and the code you need, along with an explanation, will be generated for you.