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Document per Repeated Item

Use a SQL SELECT as a data source

Dynamic Captions – changing captions on the fly

What to Expect of the Conversion from HotDocs

How to Convert HotDocs Templates to XpressDox Templates

How to Convert HotDocs Templates to XpressDox Templates

Whether you are simply looking for a better–priced alternative to HotDocs, or maybe you want to run your Desktop templates on the Web, XpressDox is a smart choice. Join the growing number of firms who are looking for better value for money! XpressDox is as powerful as HotDocs with over 300 commands Substantially more affordable, […]

Show the result of Date arithmetic in the interview

Saving Assembled Documents into iManage

The Data Set Data Source

Download the AdventureWorks database

Download the AdventureWorks database

Some of the sample templates which are delivered with XpressDox make use of one of the early instances of the Microsoft AdventureWorks SQL Server database.  This database can no longer be obtained from any Microsoft web site, and so a backup is made available here. You can download either the .bak file itself, by clicking […]

Using a Stored Procedure as a Data Source

Using a Stored Procedure as a Data Source

This Cookbook article refers to the AdventureWorks database which needs to be installed at a location available to your development environment. If you have not already done so, you can download the database from Download the AdventureWorks Database. It is assumed that you already know how to configure a datasource for a SQL Server database. […]