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The FormatSeconds Function

The FormatSeconds Function

If you have calculated (or been supplied) an elapsed time in seconds, then you can format that into a nicely legible format without having to divide by 60 for minutes, etc.

«FormatSeconds('3675','HH:mm:ss')» will render as “01:01:15”

Another example would be:

The time I spent was «FormatSeconds(SecondsBetween(EndTime,StartTime),'HH:mm:ss')»

You could make the resulting parts of the elapsed time more readable like this (assuming the data element ElapsedSeconds has the number of seconds):

The time I spent was «FormatSeconds(ElapsedSeconds, 'HH')» hours, «FormatSeconds(ElapsedSeconds, 'mm')» minutes and «FormatSeconds(ElapsedSeconds, 'ss')» seconds.