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There are many ways to find help with XpressDox, but sometimes you may have an issue and not know how to get passed it. Here are some of the more common troubleshooting questions we get asked.

If XpressDox was showing in your toolbar previously, but is no longer doing so, Word may have disabled the XpressDox add–in. This sometimes happens with Word or Windows updates, or if Word experiences a technical problem, it invariably blames the add–in, and then disables it. See How to re–enable your XpressDox Add–In

If you have just installed XpressDox and it is not showing in your Word ribbon, it is likely that there is some problem with your Word installation. However, before you resort to refreshing or re-installing Office, there are some things you should try first. Step 1 is to re-install XpressDox, but be sure that your AV is temporarily disabled (yes, we know that’s scary but we have been in business for many years and we have some huge multi-national customers so you can trust us!) and to Run as Administrator.

If that step did not work, it sometimes happens that other poorly designed Add-Ins can conflict with XpressDox. If so, you will need to choose between XpressDox, and the conflicting add-in. Another cause might be that you have more than one version of Word/Office installed on your computer, and this is confusing XpressDox. If that is the case, delete the version you are not using. Some computers shipped with a trial version of Office on them, which might still be installed. Sometimes, after customers have upgraded to a new version of Word/Office, the old version is not deleted.

If that still does not work for you, you will need to refresh your Word installation, and if that also does not work, you will need to re-install Office. The last resort, if none of these options worked is to re-format and re-load the computer from scratch. Remember that if you re-format all of your information on your computer will be erased and you will need to re-load your information from as backup. For more information on startup problems, read this help post: How to re–enable your XpressDox Add–In.

There are a number of possible causes as to why your calculations will not work. If you use EU regional settings, you may need to add «ExpectXSLTFormatNumbers(Yes)» to your template. Another reason your calculations might not work is that you could have mixed up your data elements and variables.

Usually when this happens you have mixed chevron («…») delimiters with angle bracket (<<…>>) delimiters in your template. When XpressDox encounters angle brackets in a template, it ignores the chevrons. This results in no questions showing in your interview. See a more technical explanation

Generally, XpressDox is quite helpful with its error messages. Please read the main part of the error message to see if that sufficiently explains the problem. If not, please email the error text to

The Choose commands only ask for information if the answer to that question is used somewhere in the template. In its simplest form you will need to insert a fillpoint after the question. For example:

«ChooseFromList(City,New York,Miami,Los Angeles)»«City»

Or you could use the answer in an If command:

«ChooseFromList(City,New York,Miami,Los Angeles)»
«If(City = ‘New York’)»Some text about New York.«End()»

You could also use the CaptureAllDataElements command.

Sometimes there is an If or an End which is missing and it is difficult to find. Normally, XpressDox will do its best to find it for you. But sometimes XpressDox cannot work out where it is. Read the help post on troubleshooting end-else. Generally, you should test you template regularly so that when you do get an error like this you will know where to look for it. It is also an idea to put some descriptive text into your End() and Else() commands so you can identify the culprit. Like this «End(if there is more than one child)». Some coders also put an identification number into the If and matching end, like this: «If(Child > 1) 7»and its end«End(7)»

This happens when there is already an interview open on XpressDox Desktop for Word. You need to close that interview first.

There are a number of ways to control the order in which questions are asked. Normally, XpressDox will ask the questions in the sequence it encounters them in your template. But you can change that, for example by using the CaptureDataElement command which asks the question in the interview, but does not insert the answer in that position into the end document. (The converse of that is the CaptureLater command.) Another good way of changing the order is by using Tab command where you can override the order.