XpressDox Lite

XpressDox Lite basic template builder

XpressDox Lite. For starters!

Basic functions to get you going.

XpressDox Lite is the best place to start building your first templates. It has the basic functions you need to create simple yet effective templates:

  • Template authoring. XpressDox Lite has basic authoring functions such as inserting a fillpoint or today’s date, as well as number and date formatting.
  • Template management. With XpressDox Lite you are able to run and save the templates you author, and open previously saved templates.
  • Enhancing the output. XpressDox Lite allows you to output your document directly onto your office letterhead, which means no cutting and pasting for you.
XpressDox Lite enables you to work smarter
XpressDox Lite eliminates retyping

No cost. No expiry. No retyping.

XpressDox Lite is free and doesn't expire so you can explore its usefulness at your leisure. Here are some of the things XpressDox Lite can help you with:

  • One letterhead. Use one letterhead so that brand, styles, and contact details are correct across your department or company.
  • No retyping, less errors. Because you enter information once that can be used many times in a document, you reduce the risk of mistakes significantly.
  • Repetitive tasks. Set XpressDox to work by automating your repetitive tasks so that you don't have to do the cutting and pasting from previous precedents.