Powerful and Affordable Document Assembly

What a bargain!

XpressDox is less than half the price of its nearest competitor,
and substantially less than other competitors

—Seth Rowland, Basha Systems LLC

XpressDox Docussembly™ pricing

  1. XpressDox is sold per user, and a user is someone who saves or runs templates.
  2. Sold means that each licensed user is entitled to use XpressDox on their work station at the office to save or run templates. If a user does work at home from time to time, please feel free to install and license it without counting an extra user in your user total.
  3. Sold also means each user gets free updates for the XpressDox version they are licensed for, whilst it’s supported by us.

Total User Count

Version Price per User

1 to 50 US $149
51 to 100 US $129
101 to 250 US $109
251 to 500 US $89
501 and more US $79

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