Using verbose Choose commands

January 28, 2010 Cookbook
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Radio buttons and check boxes provide a way of enabling users to make quick choices. The results of these can be either sort, terse text values or can indeed be whole paragraphs.

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The ChooseUsingCheckBox command

October 1, 2009 Help

ChooseUsingCheckbox. The interview will represent this command as a Checkbox. The values of the data element thus chosen will be ‘true’ or an empty string. For example: <<ChooseUsingCheckbox(PersonIsMale)>> <<When(PersonIsMale = “true”,he,she)>> The command is quite customizable, so another variation could be: <<ChooseUsingCheckBox(Sex,M,F,F)>> <<When(Sex = “M”,he,she)>> In this case the second ‘F’ indicates that the initial […]

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Handling gender

September 14, 2009 Cookbook
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Suppose you have a document which you want to personalise as far as pronouns are concerned. In other words, instead of having “he/she” in many places, you want to have only “he” or “she” depending on the sex of the party concerned. Check how this is done using the ChooseUsingCheckbox command.

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