The NumberPhrase Function

April 14, 2011 User Reference
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This function converts a number to words, in a number of languages. Suppose a data element with name ‘area’ has a value 1234: <<NumberPhrase(area,”af”,”ToUpper”)>> yields “EEN DUISEND TWEE HONDERD VIER EN DERTIG” <<NumberPhrase(area,”en”,”ToUpper”)>> yields “ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-FOUR” Notes: i) The language code ‘af’ is the ISO639-2 code for Afrikaans (see ISO639-2 standards). ii) […]

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Format a date in archaic form

October 2, 2009 Cookbook
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Using standard XpressDox functions and commands, XpressDox renders a date in archaic form, i.e. 2009-09-02 becomes “the 2nd day of October in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand and Nine”.

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