Using variables to calculate totals

October 2, 2009 Cookbook
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XpressDox give the template author the ability to perform calculations and other operations on the values of data elements, and to store those values in variables for later use in the template. One example of this is the ability to calculate totals on repeated data elements.

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Using and storing variables

September 30, 2009 User Reference
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Here are some examples to illustrate the concept which enables the results of calculations to be stored for further use in the template, and even for future templates.

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Handling gender

September 14, 2009 Cookbook
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Suppose you have a document which you want to personalise as far as pronouns are concerned. In other words, instead of having “he/she” in many places, you want to have only “he” or “she” depending on the sex of the party concerned. Check how this is done using the ChooseUsingCheckbox command.

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