Testing parts of a string

January 22, 2011 Help
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1. The StartsWith function is used to test whether a string starts with a given string: <<If(StartsWith(Surname,’van ‘)>><<Title>> <<Surname>> is probably of Dutch descent.<<End()>> <<If(StartsWith(Surname,’van ‘)>><<SetV(‘LastPart’,substring-after(Surname,’van ‘))>><<End()>> In previous versions this command was known as starts-with. Backward compatibility ensures that XpressDox will still recognize this command. 2. EndsWith tests the end of a string: <<If(EndsWith(Surname,’-Smith’)>> […]

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Using XSLT functions

October 14, 2009 User Reference
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XpressDox uses XSLT technology to insert data elements into Merge Fields. This means that a vast amount of functionality is available to the experienced user, especially the XSLT functions, which are used to format data. XpressDox functions and XSLT functions can be mixed in one Merge Field

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