A New Way to Work with iManage


Our integration with iManage is more than just a small step forward; it’s a whole new approach to creating and managing documents. We’ve built something that stands out in the market for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Benefits of the Integration

Maximize productivity and streamline your document workflows with the XpressDox-iManage integration, delivering tangible improvements in your document generation and management process. 

  • Saves Time and Effort: We’ve combined XpressDox’s powerful document automation functionality with iManage’s document management system. This means you can do more in less time, with less hassle.
  • Easy to Use: Everything about this integration is user-friendly. It’s designed to make your work easier, not harder.
  • You’re in Control: It gives you the power to tailor your document process to fit your specific needs, making your work more flexible and adaptable.
  • Boosts Your Work Speed: This integration cuts out unnecessary steps, automates the boring stuff, and makes the whole process of handling documents faster and smoother.
  • Ready for the Future: Our integration is agile and adapts to your unique needs, ensuring it is ready for what comes tomorrow in the legal world.


In short, our integration with iManage changes the game. It’s not just about doing the same things in a better way; it’s about doing them in a smarter way. This is about making your document management more connected, efficient, and smart, setting a new benchmark in document automation and management.

Straightforward Features of the XpressDox and iManage Integration

Discover the user-friendly and efficient features of the XpressDox and iManage integration, designed to streamline the way you generate documents inside iManage.

  • Start with Templates in iManage – You can now begin using XpressDox templates straight from any matter in iManage. This means your documents are put together quickly and stored right where they should be, in the correct client and matter folders.
  • XpressDox is Just a Click Away in iManage – Inside iManage, you can easily reach your XpressDox templates. Whether you need something general or specific to a matter, it’s all there, just a click away.
  • Simple User Group Management – We’ve made managing user groups easy. Now, users will only see the templates they need, without any unnecessary clutter, making things relevant to their specific work.
  • Customize your view of XpressDox in iManage – When you use templates in iManage, you have lots of choices. You can mark your favorite templates, change how you view the XpressDox explorer, and navigate through folders without any trouble.
  • Easy Data Handling in Interviews – When you start an XpressDox interview, it automatically fills in client-specific information using the Client and Matter IDs from iManage. It even works smoothly with systems like Aderant, keeping all your data in one place for each matter.
  • Storing Documents in iManage – Create, name, and store your documents in the right place in iManage. You can also set them to open in Microsoft Word automatically, marked as ‘Checked Out’.
  • Automatic Document Profiling and Versioning – Documents you save in iManage through XpressDox get automatically profiled and versioned, so you always know where everything is.
  • Easy Management of Template Library – All your templates are stored centrally, making it easier to manage and find what you need when you need it.
  • Top-Notch Security – We use OAuth 2.0 authentication to make sure all your data stays safe and secure.
  • Quick Setup – Setting up XpressDox to work with your iManage workspace is easy and saves you time.

Simplified Workflow with XpressDox and iManage

Experience a streamlined and intuitive document creation process with the simplified workflow of XpressDox and iManage.

  1. Start in iManage: Go to the client/matter workspace where you want to create a document.
  2. Pick a Template: Use XpressDox Explorer in iManage to find and open the template you need.
  3. Add Client Data Easily: The system automatically adds client information to the document using the client/matter ID from your database.
  4. Assemble Your Document: Customize your document right there in iManage.
  5. Edit as Needed: Make any changes to your document in iManage, using its features to check in and check out documents.
  6. Finish Up: The system will automatically profile, version, and save your final document in the correct workspace in iManage.


To sum up, the combination of XpressDox and iManage does more than just add a new feature to document management – it really changes things for the better. Our integration with iManage makes your work easier, faster, and more secure, creating a new level of efficiency.

Together, XpressDox and iManage make document generation and management smarter and more connected. We’re not only improving your current way of working; we’re taking it to a whole new level. If you’re thinking about how to make your document handling better, we encourage you to try out this integration yourself. Book a demo with us and see how XpressDox and iManage can transform the way you work, giving you more time and freedom to focus on what’s really important in your job.

Ready for a better way to manage documents? Explore the benefits of XpressDox and iManage today.

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Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

To learn more about XpressDox, visit our Learning Centre

Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.