XpressDox Server RESTful API

Use the XpressDox API to harness the power of document automation within your application. The XpressDox API is medium used XML based and all requests and responses are transferred using XML.

Embedded interviews

Easily embed interviews into web pages or web applications by choosing to simply “copy and paste” the generated code (typically iFrame) or tightly integrate your interview into your applications using our Javascript API.

Data source integrations

Out-the-box integration with all popular data sources, like SQL Server, Excel, MySQL, ODBC, and Salesforce. XpressDox has the power to accommodate nested and associated data structures.

Extensive command library

Over 300 commands to handle any document automation requirement, including XSLT and xPath functions. Create reusable scripts, snippets or entire documents

Powerful desktop applications

XpressDox gives you the same comprehensive functionality as the web all in your desktop application using the .NET SDK

Flexible deployment options

Flexibility to choose an XpressDox installation that matches your technology environment, with options of on-premise WinAuth server, self-hosted cloud, XpressDox cloud, and desktop.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Enable users to seamlessly access XpressDox using Windows Authentication (on-premise WinAuth Server) or Azure AD (on-premise or SaaS).

Scalable licensing

XpressDox leverages a “per named user” licensing model with the freedom to deploy to an unlimited number of servers.

Seamlessly integrate with your applications

Integrate XpressDox into your applications or launch from within your workflow process. Apply custom CSS to match the XpressDox interviews to your applications look and feel.

Wide range of output formats

A range of popular document formats like DOCX (MS Word), PDF, RTF or any text based file format, like HTML, XML, etc.

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