Innovative Pricing Model

User-based pricing allows firms to deploy any number of template developers or server types without paying more. Ask about our site-license option for unrestricted use of any XpressDox product.

Secure Sever Software

All XpressDox servers are tightly secured, and all data is encrypted during transit and at rest. We perform regular penetration and ethical hacking tests to ensure that our Microsoft Azure-hosted servers are safe.

Comprehensive command library

Over 300 commands to cater for the most sophisticated template imaginable. For even more power access the XSLT and xPath libraries.

Low code to Full code in a single product

Caters for a centralised template creation department as well as template creation at a practice group and department level for maximum productivity.

Work across platforms

Run templates on Word or Web, or use the XpressDox API to run templates from within other applications or websites.

Access third party data sources

Reuse information from data sources such as SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, Access, and ODBC, or even from your CRM system.

Multiple documents per interview

Choose to generate packages of documents from a single interview, or a single document from multiple interviews. Hardcode in the template or allow the user to choose in the interview.

Auto name documents and datasets

Select or create the folder location, and auto construct the file name from information captured in the interview.

Output to Word, PDF, HTML, and EML

Choose from a variety of output formats. Specify format per template or choose the output format in the interview.

Share interviews with external users

Securely share interviews with clients or external users. Send interview links via email or easily embed questionnaires in your website.

Integrates with Document Management

Auto name and save assembled documents and datasets to iManage, NetDocuments, and SharePoint automatically and choose or create the folder at run time.

Reusable objects/Scripts

Scripts can be as simple as naming and re-using blocks of text, or it can be as sophisticated as building your own commands by grouping other XpressDox commands into a single Script.

Unlimited levels of conditional logic

Powerful relevance engine to create sophisticated templates with any number of nested IF commands. Sections are colour coded for easy identification.

Assemble templates to Outlook

Optionally choose to assemble templates to an Outlook email, and automatically populate recipients and subject line from information captured in the interview.

Sophisticated decision trees

Create sophisticated decision trees using advanced conditional logic. Recommendations displayed on screen. Optionally also generate or save as a document.

Customize and theme interviews

Color interviews to match corporate identity, and add firm logo to internal and external interviews.

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