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Small Law Firms Have a Problem

The problem facing most small law firms is that they do not have the range of skills and in-depth knowledge in every function of the practice to drive efficiencies. But that is all about to change with a new generation of low-code document automation designed for small law firms.

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Lawyers Can Create More Time

It’s simple really. Lawyers sell their time. So, all lawyers are faced with finding ways to create more time or save more time to enable them to bill more. This article discusses how document automation can enable lawyers to create more time by saving more time on document creation.

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XpressDox Sets the New Benchmark in Document Automation

Already regarded by industry experts as the most powerful and flexible document automation software on the market, XpressDox ups the ante with its innovative new version 14 release. This represents an evolution of the software providing a completely redesigned user interface for Desktop and Web, powerful new features and more intuitive functionality.

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Large Law Firms and Corporations Choose XpressDox

An ever-increasing number of large law firms and corporations with their own development teams are choosing XpressDox as their document automation software provider. The reason behind this trend is that XpressDox provides a single platform for all the firm’s document automation needs.

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Document Automation has Finally Evolved

It’s true that document automation hasn’t changed very much over the past thirty years, but thanks to some innovative thinking, the product has finally started becoming more appealing. In this article, we discuss some of the ways in which document automation is helping firms to increase efficiency and improve client service.

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Is This the End for Document Developers?

Will artificial intelligence (“AI”) replace document automation coders, or will our industry continue to be more “IA” than “AI” in the foreseeable future? (“IA” stands for “Augmented Intelligence”, which is a complement and not a replacement for human intelligence. It’s about computers and software helping humans become more effective and efficient at the tasks they’re performing.)

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There’s More to Document Automation Than You Realize

When most people think of document automation, they usually imagine a simple merge of a document template with data captured on a keyboard. While that is indeed document automation, there is so much more that can be done to increase efficiency through the reuse of information and integration with other systems.

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Document Automation Helps Small Law Firms Build Efficiencies

In today’s quickly evolving and fast-paced market, small law firms are under pressure to build greater efficiencies to remain competitive. This requires firms to embrace technology. Document automation software provides the greatest value for small firms to drive efficiencies and increase profitability. To achieve this, firms need to choose the right software and effectively implement this in the firm.

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Maximizing ROI from Document Automation

Today, almost every law firm or business uses some form of document automation – either as a stand-alone solution, or as part of a case management, CRM, or accounting system. Although it is widely acknowledged that document automation software is the most effective way to increase productivity and efficiency, some firms aren’t getting the return on investment they anticipated.

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Four Top Tips to be More Productive and Profitable with Document Automation

It is becoming increasingly difficult for small law firms to remain viable. Increased regulation, rising salary costs, increased competition, and commoditization is eroding margins. Even if only used in its most basic form, document automation has the highest return on investment of any law-firm software application because it saves time and increases accuracy. By choosing and implementing a solution that will grow as a firm’s needs evolve, it is possible to increase output without increasing costs.

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What is Document Automation?

In its simplest form Document automation (also called document assembly) is the creation of document templates which contain questions and conditional logic. When the template is run an interview or questionnaire is displayed for the user to complete, and on assembly, answers are merged into the template to produce a Microsoft Word and/or PDF document.

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