Small Law Firms Have a Problem

The problem facing most small law firms is that they do not have the range of skills and in-depth knowledge in every function of the practice to drive efficiencies. Large firms have experts for every function, whereas single practitioners and small law firms are “IT”. That’s challenging because the lawyer isn’t necessarily trained in IT, marketing, or accounting. But they have no choice but to do it all, nonetheless. But that is all about to change with a new generation of low-code document automation designed for small law firms.


Document Automation Drives Productivity

There is one area where single practitioners and small firms can achieve the same productivity gains as the large firms, and that is with document automation. For years, large law firms have benefited from the substantial improvements in efficiency and reduced costs that result from using document automation software effectively. But small firms simply don’t have the resources, the technical knowledge, or the time to create the template libraries that are such a game changer.


The impact on small law firms from not using document automation software in their practices is huge. Slower turnaround times for document creation leads to greater internal pressure to meet ever increasing client expectations. The firm incurs increased costs due to the additional time and resources required to create documents. This is compounded by lawyers having less billable time to consult with existing and new clients. Firms are also impacted by the increased risk of human error creeping into their documents. But, this is all about to change with the new generation of document automation software.


Low Code Software For Small Law Firms

A new generation of low-code software has made it significantly easier for small law firms to implement document automation software in their practices. XpressDox’s new low code user interface enables lawyers and paralegals to create their own document templates, quickly, easily, and inexpensively! The new user interface guides the user through the steps of creating their document template using innovative command helpers.


XpressDox delivers a tangible “Return-on-Time” for small law firms. This is achieved by the substantial time saving that can be achieved with a relatively small investment in time upfront to learn the software and the process of authoring templates. Small law firms can achieve a 20x “Return-on-Time” when implementing XpressDox. It will free up lawyers and paralegals to focus on fee-generating activities.


How does document automation save time?

Firstly, when a template is run, questions are presented in an interview. Based on answers to questions, the template knows which text or paragraphs to include in the final document. When assembled, the answers are merged into the template, creating a professional and accurate Word and/or PDF document in a matter of seconds. This speeds up document production, improves client service, and reduces proofreading time.


You can even create email templates, which assemble to Outlook, and you can send questionnaires to your new clients for self-onboarding.



Of course, there is so much more that document automation can do to improve efficiency and save time, and big law firms have been benefitting from this competitive advantage for years. Finally, small law firms can now benefit from innovative document automation software to help them grow their practice and increase profits.


XpressDox is the world’s most innovative document automation software for law firms. Affordable, and really easy to learn and use, XpressDox is the obvious choice for single practitioners and small firms who want to increase their efficiency and reduce costs. If you’d like to try XpressDox for yourself, watch our one-minute video – creating your first template – or download a 7-day free trial.




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