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XpressDox Document Services allows you to securely share intelligent questionnaires with external users or clients, so that they capture their own information. This data can then be re-used to generate other documents or forms, saving data entry time and improving accuracy of information as the client captures their information themselves. XpressDox document services is ideal for new client take-on or onboarding.

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Shared Interviews: Process Flow

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How does XD Document Services work

One of the innovative new ways to reduce expenses and improve efficiency is for your clients to capture their onboarding information themselves. Now, using XpressDox Document Services you can securely share intelligent interviews with external clients or users via email.

The process begins with running an XpressDox template.  Once the interview is displayed on your screen, you can enter any information you already know about your client.  Or you can leave the interview blank if you prefer.  Next, click on Share Interview and you will see the XDDS helper screen.  The first step is to select the recipient.  Next, specify a password (if required for protection of personal information) and a time-out for your invitation email – for example 2 days.

Now enter some text for the body of your invitation email, or load a previously saved email template from your email templates list.  Lastly do the same for the results email, and then click on Send. It’s as easy as that!

Your external user or client will receive a themed email with your logo and in your corporate color which contains the link to the shared interview.  As soon as they click on the link, the progress indicator on your system will be updated.  The external user can save their information as often as they wish, and all they need to do to reload the interview at a later stage is to click on the link in the original email.  They can even forward the email to someone else, for example where they don’t have all the required information at hand. To ensure that no data is lost, XpressDox auto saves their answers to your XpressDox database once every minute.

As the Sender, you can view progress at any time, re-issue a pin, resend the invitation email, run the interview your client will see, or re-use the saved data in other templates – for example an Engagement Letter.

Most importantly, we have ensured that this entire process is secure.  Data is encrypted during transit and at rest, and the external client has no access to your XpressDox database whatsoever.  Multi-factor authentication ensures that information sent is secure, and that the intended person receives your shared email!

XD Document Services: Features at a Glance



Shared questionnaires are managed and tracked throughout the sharing process. Re-send questionnaires, view progress, add information, or delete “shares” where necessary.

Re-use Data

Information captured by clients or external users can be re-used with other templates, for example a New Client Agreement. This saves time and ensures that data captured is more accurate.


Shared questionnaires are encrypted in transit and at rest, and can be further protected by a password or PIN (multi-factor authentication) if required. External users have no access to your server.


XpressDox themes external emails and questionnaires so that they match the firm’s branding. This let’s your clients know that you are a professional and progressive firm.


External users can securely share questionnaires with other people in their organization if required. And you can even add some information into the client questionnaire yourself at ay stage.


Questionnaires can contain intelligent logic and this makes it easier for the client to complete. Depending on answers provided by your external client, additional questions may be asked.