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  • XpressDox offers Microsoft® Word users powerful document automation—made simple.
  • XpressDox installs as an Add In for Microsoft® Word 2007 and Microsoft® Word 2010, and is compatible with Microsoft® Word 2003 too.
  • And once you install XpressDox, you’ll have all the power of XpressDox document automation right inside of Microsoft® Word.

What is XpressDox?

XpressDox is a document automation system for Microsoft® Word that will help you become more productive when creating repetitive documents. Using XpressDox, you can easily create a template that asks you for only the information which changes. This improves your efficiency and effectiveness, and ensures that all the documents you create conform to your organization’s standards. The result is faster, more accurate documents, which saves you time. And saving you time means saving you money, too.

Some XpressDox features include: Merge fields; number to words conversions; clause libraries; apply formatting to documents; base templates for letterheads; format numbers; format text; lookup lists; re-use saved information; date insertion, capture, and formatting; data capture; conditional logic commands; repeating text; template locations; data source integration; calculations; and more!

What does XpressDox cost?

A single user license of XpressDox costs US$149. This includes all updates and upgrades, and access to online support and forums. We offer discounts for single order volumes above 50 licenses.

Useful links to find help

If ever you get stuck when using XpressDox and don’t quite know what to do, there are at least 6 ways to find help fast!

And if you’re reviewing XpressDox document assembly software for the first time, you may want to read the product brochure for an overview of the features and benefits of this exciting new document assembly system.

Also, check out the Getting Started Guide, which will help you get going faster. There is also a Cookbook and a User Reference that will help you get the most out of XpressDox Docussembly document assembly software. All these documents can be downloaded here.

Be sure to visit the XpressDox FAQs and support forum as well.

Would you like to try XpressDox?

You’re welcome to download the latest version of XpressDox by submitting your contact details below. This is a full product download, and is not limited by features or time. XpressDox is so easy to use, you’ll be benefitting from it’s features in no time at all!

We would like to keep in touch with you regarding updates and upgrades to the software, as well as product news and other special offers. Please note that all details we collect will be used by us only – we will never sell or share your details with any third parties. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us by email.

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