Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Document Automation Solutions

Document automation solutions by XpressDox come with customizable elements and components made to work together seamlessly. Designed to be your perfect document automation partner, powerful and easy to use. Integrates easily with databases, web services, and other APIs.

The easiest way to purchase XpressDox is via the online shop on the website. If you are considering using XpressDox firm–wide for a large organisation please contact us on for a quotation.

Yes. You can download a 30–day full version trial of XpressDox Author for MS Word and you can set up a trial Cloud account without having to purchase anything.

The first step is to watch all of the tutorial videos (they are short and easy to follow) and only then to consider additional training. Most new users are able to get up and running themselves after watching the videos. If you still require additional training that can be arranged online, or we can refer you to one of our Certified Partners around the world.

You can run templates from a browser on a Mac, but you cannot design templates on a Mac.

XpressDox is equally at home for any size of organization. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation with thousands of users, XpressDox will handle your needs.

Yes. XpressDox goes even further by allowing you to select whether the PDF will be protected or standard.

Yes. You can create an XpressDox interview which will populate fields on a PDF form—for example a government form.

Absolutely. XpressDox will handle any calculation you can think of. It will even add up columns of numbers or amounts in a table.

XpressDox is incredibly powerful with over 300 commands in its design library. The system will handle templates of thousands of pages long, and can integrate with most databases available today. You can even integrate with your website or your in-house application. XpressDox’s powerful conditional logic function is regarded as the most powerful on the market.

Yes. But first you should watch the tutorial videos as they provide a lot of guidance on best practices. You can also find more information on best practices in XpressDox Cookbook.

You can easily re–use answers from a previous interview by selecting Use Other Data. XpressDox saves your answers each time you run a template. You can even use data from a different interview provided the field names are the same in both templates. On XpressDox Desktop there is also a button to Use Previous Data which loads information from the previous interview in the current session.

Yes. You can include any number of sub–templates from a single interview which can all be included on a single output document or optionally each can be their own document.

Yes. You could have many users adding information to smaller template interviews which are all consolidated into one (or any number of) template/s.

XpressDox has the most powerful database integration of all document automation systems on the market. You can use data from text files, Excel, Outlook data files, Access, SQL Server, MySQL, ODBC databases and even Salesforce data. You can also have any number of data sources in a single template. XpressDox allows you to read from and write to a database (if you have permission to do that) and you can search a database table from within your template. Data can be editable or read–only once imported into an interview. Unlike competitive systems, it is easy to set up a database integration in XpressDox. See more information here.

Many of our clients choose to use XpressDox only for the document-merging engine using our API. Information stored in the application is then merged with a selected template, and the return document is made available to the user or third-party application. View technical API documentation.

Yes. In its simplest form you can simply drop an iFrame or Javascript interview into your website, and there are a number of different color options so that the interview matches your website theme. If you wish, you can also create your own custom questionnaire, although that will require the services of a competent web designer.

Yes. XpressDox offers a powerful API (for Web) or SDK (for business application) integration. There are a number of deployment options available.

XpressDox includes a converter which will translate most commands from HotDocs to the equivalent command in XpressDox. While simple templates will convert 100%, more advanced templates will likely only achieve a 90% success rate, and you will still need to do some editing in order to run the templates. The converter caters for HotDocs component files as well as most computation variables.

Many HotDocs users are finding that the new HotDocs pricing and contract terms are not acceptable to them. XpressDox offers a better–priced alternative with as much power as HotDocs, and an easier path to running templates on the web.

This depends on whether you are wanting to create relatively simple templates, or highly complex documents with aspects such as database integration and complex document logic. If you are looking to create simple templates, then anyone with a fairly logical mind can do that quite easily. For example, someone with good Word or Excel skills. (If you are good at Sudoku you will probably make a good XpressDox designer!) For advanced coding you will need someone with some software development experience or someone who has used document automation at a fairly advanced level before.

Yes, we can quote on template design if you give us a good design specification. That means making comments or notes in the document where information will vary, where choices need to be made, and which text to include based on these choices. We can also refer you to a Certified Partner close to your location who will have experience with what you are hoping to achieve using document automation. For more information email

Yes. A remarkable feature of XpressDox is that the same template will run on Word Desktop or your favorite browser. XpressDox (browser) can also run internally on your own servers, or via the Internet to a Cloud Server if you prefer.

XpressDox Server (Cloud) uses SSL to communicate between the user and the server. XpressDox servers are located in world class data centers around the world with controlled access and geo redundancy. All XpressDox servers are backed up daily. For customers who are very sensitive about security we recommend an own hosted server.

We cover a growing list of regions, and at present our many users across the world are serviced from XpressDox Cloud servers located in Canada, Germany, South Africa and the USA.

Yes. You can install XpressDox Server on your own servers or you can host XpressDox server with your own preferred Cloud provider.

XpressDox offers a Windows Authentication (Active Directory) server which larger firms prefer as access to templates is controlled through existing permissions, as well as an Integration server which may be installed on-premise or in the Cloud. The integration server allows for an optional API module.

XpressDox works well for customers who are looking to sell their templates online. However, you will need a template designer to integrate the questionnaires into your website, and you will most likely need an e–commerce shop to manage the purchasing of templates.

Yes, XpressDox will run on a tablet and smartphone. The template designer may need to customize the interview slightly in order to create a great–looking questionnaire on a smartphone.

That will depend on whether the user is a repeat user, or a once off unknown user. Where the repeat user is known, and has a login to the templates system online, they will require a license. Where the user is unknown, and typically purchases a few templates online, they will not require a license for XpressDox.

This is a difficult question to answer because it will depend on so many factors! For example, if you spend all day learning the product for a few days, you will get further than if you spend a couple of hours a day on it. You will also learn faster if you have previous experience with document automation. People with some software development experience (even a little) tend to pick up document automation more quickly, and ‘numbers’ people and those who are relatively good at Sudoku puzzles learn more quickly.

Yes, XpressDox includes a converter which will create an interview from merge fields in a Word document.

XpressDox includes an extremely powerful validation rules command which will check that the information users capture in a particular field is valid.

XpressDox includes virtually any interview question imaginable. Simple input fields, multiline fields, lists, radio buttons, checkboxes, repeaters, dates, numbers, headings, and help to name a few. Have a look at the XpressDox demo template to see an example of these interview controls.

XpressDox includes a number of layout commands to help you make your interview really impressive. If you are prepared to spend the money you can even have a developer create a custom interview for you, but for most applications that is not necessary.

XpressDox is unique in that you can update to the latest code version for free at any time without having to pay for an update. However, the latest version will limit you to the command set which was in the version you initially purchased. If you do wish to upgrade, the price is based on 25% of the current retail price per full year since you purchased your license. To upgrade, visit the Downloads section of the website.

XpressDox works fine with locally installed versions of Office 365. However, you will not be able to design or author templates with the Office 365 Online product.

The SendWebEmail functionality is only available on the server (browser) versions of XpressDox. The template designer has full control over recipients (static, teams, or emails captured at run time), email message to each party, and whether to send the Word/PDF/Data document or file to the user.

Prices for all versions are published on the XpressDox website. Word Desktop versions are available on outright purchase or rental (monthly or yearly) whereas the server products, API, and SDK versions are only available on subscription plans.

XpressDox products are much more competitively priced than similarly–powerful document automation systems on the market. We have taken the approach that our discount is already built into our pricing. Having said that, for volume purchases, discounts are available.

When you need licenses to be transferred between computers, please contact us on We will validate your original purchase and provide you with a replacement license for the new computer.