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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get going with XpressDox?
The quickest way to get started after you install XpressDox is to load a Word document that you will markup into a template. Mark the first piece of variable text, then click on the Getting Started button. (Rocket in the XpressDox ribbon.) Choose the type of question you wish to insert, fill in the field information, then click on OK. Repeat that for other variables. Finally Save Template and then Run. We also recommend that you watch the instruction videos.
How complex are your needs?
If you are looking for a basic system which will produce letters and simple templates, then most of the systems on the market will work for you. However, if you are wanting to automate really sophisticated documents and agreements, then there are less than 5 systems that will grow with you. The way to tell if a product can handle complex templates is to look at whether your prospective supplier’s client references include any really big firms or corporations.
Will the product cater for your future needs?
Once you experience the power of document templates you’ll begin to identify other areas where the technology can improve efficiencies for your practice or firm. But if you select one of the simplistic products, it probably won’t be able to cater for your future needs.
How do I purchase XpressDox?
The easiest way to purchase XpressDox is via the online shop on the website. If you are considering using XpressDox firm–wide for a large organisation please contact us on for a quotation.
Can I try XpressDox Before I buy it?
Yes. You can download a 30–day full version trial of XpressDox Author for MS Word and you can set up a trial Cloud account without having to purchase anything.
Where do I go for training?
The first step is to watch all of the tutorial videos (they are short and easy to follow) and only then to consider additional training. Most new users are able to get up and running themselves after watching the videos. If you still require additional training that can be arranged online, or we can refer you to one of our Certified Partners around the world.
Can I use XpressDox on a Mac?
You can run templates from a browser on a Mac, but you cannot design templates on a Mac.
Is XpressDox suited to small or large firms?
XpressDox is equally at home for any size of organization. Whether you are a small business or a huge corporation with thousands of users, XpressDox will handle your needs.
How does pricing work?
To view prices click on pricing on the main page. XpressDox Desktop offers purchase options for a perpetual license or a monthly/annual rental. Server products are only available on rental plans, based on number of users. The advantage of a rental is that you won’t have any up-front capex, so that de-risks your choice of product. Rentals also include version updates at no extra cost. XpressDox offers an unconditional 3-month money-back guarantee.
How versatile is the product?
Modern document automation systems run in most environments: Desktop, Web, API. Make sure that the product you are considering will work across all environments.
How good is the support?
Every vendor on the market will claim to offer the best support in the business! Your challenge will be to work out if that is actually the case, or not. One thing to look for is whether their online help is any good. Also, longevity is usually a pretty good indicator of a vendor’s support level. If the vendor is still in business after 10 years, odds are that they must be doing something right.
Does it integrate with other applications?
While smaller firms might not be too concerned about integration, for mid-large sized firms integration is essential in order to get the most value from document automation. Some examples might be the ability to re-use information from an accounting or CRM system, reading and saving documents and data to/from a database, or integrating an interview into the firm’s website.
Can XpressDox output to a PDF document?
Yes. XpressDox goes even further by allowing you to select whether the PDF will be protected or standard.
Does XpressDox work with PDF forms?
Yes. You can create an XpressDox interview which will populate fields on a PDF form—for example a government form.
Can XpressDox do calculations?
Absolutely. XpressDox will handle any calculation you can think of. It will even add up columns of numbers or amounts in a table.
Will XpressDox handle my requirements?
XpressDox is incredibly powerful with over 300 commands in its design library. The system will handle templates of thousands of pages long, and can integrate with most databases available today. You can even integrate with your website or your in-house application. XpressDox’s powerful conditional logic function is regarded as the most powerful on the market.