XpressDox - Best Alternative to HotDocs Classic

XpressDox document automation software is the best alternative to HotDocs Classic, delivering a powerful, modern, and versatile solution for Word, Web & API.

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If you’re looking for a more modern, powerful and affordable document automation solution, XpressDox is the best alternative to HotDocs Classic. It gives you everything you need in a single solution.

Now is the Time to Switch to XpressDox

Consider an alternative without getting locked in to another long term contract. With our versatile document automation software, you can be assured of its adaptability and scalability to suit your needs. Our solution offers a rich feature set to cater for all your requirements in a single solution.

Converter Tool & Similar Commands

Powerful & Flexible Integration Capability

Run templates in Word, on the Web and via API

Low Code & Full Code in a Single Solution

Beautiful Internal & External Interviews

Simple, Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Why Leading Firms are Switching from HotDocs

XpressDox is a modern, powerful, and affordable solution, unmatched by any other product in the market. It is backed up with excellent support from experienced consultants and comprehensive Learning Center.

HotDocs Conversion Tool

The free HotDocs to XpressDox converter will convert your basic and moderately complex HotDocs templates on-the-fly, and if you need assistance converting really sophisticated HotDocs templates, our experienced implementation partners will be happy to provide conversion services.

Powerful Integration Capabilities

Re-use data from databases like SQL Server, MySQL, Excel, Access, ODBC, or from your CRM system.

Embed interviews in your website to enable faster information gathering directly from the client or third party.

Send assembled documents to DocuSign for signature, making the collection of signatures more efficient.

Automatically name and save documents to iManage, NetDocuments, SharePoint or OneDrive.

Assemble templates to Outlook for sharing of documents with your clients and third parties.

Runs on all platforms – Word, Web & API

Use the same document template whether you run templates in Word Desktop, on the Web via browser, from within Teams or a document management system, or from within other third-party applications via the XpressDox API. No other system can match XpressDox when it comes to flexibility of deployment!

Low Code & Full Code in a Single Solution

If you’re a novice, create your first template in less than an hour. And if you are an expert, you’ll enjoy working with our sophisticated library of over 330 commands and functions. If there’s a command you need and we don’t offer it, we’ll develop it for you. Or you can create your own commands using our powerful Script functionality!

Create Beautiful Internal & External Interviews

Whether you are creating templates for internal users or for your clients, XpressDox provides all the functionality you need to make them easy to use and share.

Theme the interview in your corporate colors and add your logo

Add headings and help, and add guidance notes or hyperlinks.

Monitor the progress of shared interviews

Re-use client-captured information for other templates.

Name Assembled Documents & Datasets

Simple, Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Large firms love our all-inclusive fixed-fee site license, which includes all XpressDox products and features in any quantity. No nasty surprises every time you need additional functionality! And pre-agreed price escalation for the life of the relationship! And for small to mid-sized firms, our entry price of $42 per user per month, with meaningful discounts above 10 users, is extremely affordable.

Bulk Volume Discounts

For firms that need more than 10 licenses, we provide volume discounts.

Money-back Guarantee

To provide peace of mind, we offer an unconditional 3-month money-back guarantee.

Full Custom Solutions

Tailor a custom Server & API option to cater for your specific needs

Fixed-Fee Site License

Unlimited users and deployment across your entire firm at a single price

Experience XpressDox with Our Interactive Demo

Try our interactive demo to experience the XpressDox interview that works across desktop and Web for a seamless experience.

Converting from HotDocs to XpressDox

View our technical help articles to learn more about converting your existing HotDocs templates to XpressDox templates.

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