Fewer Clicks & Greater Efficiency with XpressDox & iManage

Our seamless integration enables you to accomplish more of your work from within your iManage workspace.

Designed to Enhance Your Document Experience

Learning a new system or switching back and forth between different ones can be frustrating when you're trying to get work done. It's much easier when everything you need is in one place. That's the idea behind XpressDox's integration with iManage.

Create and manage documents in a single environment

Deliver work with fewer clicks and greater efficiency

Leverage client-specific data across all your documents

Work in a Familiar Environment

Access our powerful document automation directly from within your iManage workspace to generate documents quickly.  

Document automation process inside iManage

A Complete Document Generation & Management Solution

Our seamless integration with iManage delivers the most streamlined document generation and management solution in the market.

Run Templates From Within iManage

Launch XpressDox templates from a matter inside iManage, ensuring that the assembled documents are saved in the correct Client and Matter workspace folders.

XpressDox Button Available Inside iManage

Access your XpressDox library of templates from a workspace inside iManage. Present a full view of the template library, or a subset of templates dependent on matter type.

Manage User Groups Permission

Streamlined user groups that ensure users only see templates applicable to their practice groups without having to spend time searching through the clutter of irrelevant documents.

XpressDox Configured Into iManage

When running templates in iManage, there are options to favourite your templates, to view your XpressDox explorer in full screen or a pop-up dialog, and to view your folders in a tree view.

Interview Data

Your XpressDox interview will be populated with the Client and Matter ID from iManage, can pull data from systems such as Aderant, and data is saved to a single answer file per matter.

Assembled Documents Saved to iManage

Assembled documents are saved to the correct workspace, and folder of your choice, with a meaningful filename. Configure a setting to automatically open the document in Microsoft Word, marked as Checked Out in iManage.

Assembled Documents Are Auto Profiled & Versioned

Documents saved to iManage from XpressDox are already auto profiled, and versioned.

Easy Template Library Management

All templates are saved in a central repository, enabling efficient management and maintenance.

Peace Of Mind Security

Access is protected with industry standard OAuth 2.0 authentication to keep information and documents secure.

Easy, Once-off Configuration

Save time with once-off configuration of XpressDox with your iManage workspace.

XpressDox document automation software makes generating client specific documents fast, enhancing the way you work. Our integration with iManage creates a powerful solution that leverages the efficiency of XpressDox document automation with the power of iManage document management for increased productivity.

Want to Know How it Works?

Experience how your firm can benefit from integrating XpressDox document automation into your iManage workflow for greater efficiency and improved client service.

Optimize Your Workflow with XpressDox and iManage Integration

Discover how seamless integration between XpressDox and iManage elevates your document management to new levels of efficiency and security.

Feature Description
Run Templates from within iManage Initiate XpressDox templates directly from a matter within iManage. This ensures that assembled documents are automatically stored in the appropriate Client and Matter workspace folders.
XpressDox Button in iManage Access your comprehensive XpressDox template library directly from an iManage workspace. You can either view the full library or a tailored subset based on the type of matter at hand.
User Groups and Managing Permissions Our system ensures that users are exposed only to the templates relevant to their specific practice groups, thereby enhancing efficiency and reducing error.
XpressDox Integrated into iManage When operating templates within iManage, you have the flexibility to mark templates as favourites, to toggle between full screen and pop-up views, and to organize folders in a tree view.
Interview Data The XpressDox interview feature automatically populates with Client and Matter ID from iManage and can also pull data from other systems like Aderant. All data is stored in a single answer file per matter.
Assembled Documents Saved to iManage Upon assembly, documents are stored in your chosen workspace and folder within iManage, complete with a meaningful filename. An option is available to auto-open the document in Microsoft Word, marked as Checked Out in iManage.
Auto-Profiling and Versioning of Documents Documents generated through XpressDox are automatically profiled and versioned when saved to iManage, eliminating the need for manual input.
Easy Template Library Management A centralized repository houses all templates, facilitating streamlined management and routine maintenance.
Security Measures Information and document access is safeguarded through industry-standard OAuth 2.0 authentication protocols.
Once-off Configuration Simplify the integration process with a one-time configuration of XpressDox in your iManage workspace.

"XpressDox is a modern technology platform, at an affordable price point, that seamlessly integrates with our core applications and offers robust feature set for efficient document automation”

Brad Allen
CIO – McCabes Lawyers

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