Enhance the Way You Work with NetDocuments

Create a single workspace and streamline your document generation and management with Xpressdox & NetDocuments. 

Seamless integration between XpressDox and NetDocuments helps firms eliminate manual and time-consuming tasks associated with generating documents, keeping track of versions, and managing documents. It’s now easier to stay on top of things and focus on more value-adding services.

Streamline Your Document Generation & Management

Enhance your NetDocuments experience by integrating XpressDox for a single solution for your document generation and management.

Seamless Document Creation

Work in an embedded pane inside NetDocuments to create and generate documents for specific clients and matters.

Accurate Document Generation

XpressDox can automatically generate new documents using matter-specific data and saves them with the correct file name directly into NetDocuments.

Embed Templates Directly in NetDocuments

Embed your XpressDox template library, or even a single template, directly within NetDocuments.

Auto Save Documents

XpressDox auto-names and saves assembled documents back into the correct NetDocuments workspace.

Template Management

Access and edit templates from within NetDocuments, allowing you to easily create and generate new documents using these templates.

Document Versioning

NetDocuments keeps track of document versions, so users can easily access previous versions of a document.

Secure Access

Users can securely and easily access XpressDox through the NetDocuments interface using OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Benefits of Integration between XpressDox & NetDocuments

Everything we develop is focused on making it easier for you to do your work. Our integration with NetDocuments delivers a range of benefits to help you increase efficiency and productivity.

Single Environment

Everything is integrated inside NetDocuments, so you never have to leave the platform or switch between applications.

Streamlined Workflows

Streamlines document creation and management, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Secure Access

Secure access to documents, ensuring sensitive information is protected.

Matter Context

The matter context ensures data integrity as the interview is run from a matter, enabling context-sensitive data to be sent directly into the interview.

Familiar Environment

No need to learn a new environment because everything you need is fully integrated inside NetDocuments.

With XpressDox and NetDocuments integration, firms can streamline their document creation and management workflows in a secure and familiar environment.


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