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The AlignCaptions and AlignCaption Commands

The AlignCaptions and AlignCaption Commands

By default, all captions in the interview for a template are aligned to the left of the interview screen.  This is equivalent to having the command «AlignCaptions(Left)» in the template.

«AlignCaptions(Right)» can be used to override the default alignment, and this will cause the right hand side of all of the captions to align just to the left of their respective controls on the interview.

«AlignCaptions(Top)» will cause the captions to aligned above the capture control, with the captions starting above the left hand edge of the control, and under any Headings defined for that data element.

The AlignCaption (note the singular) can be used to specify the alignment of a single caption.

For example
«AlignCaption(Name,Top)» will align the caption for the Name data element only.

Use the Caption command to edit the name and style of your captions.

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