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The GT and LT functions

The GT and LT functions

Sometimes it is syntactically impractical to use the characters < and > in a particular context.

For example, you might want to use a Dynamic Caption which is something like this (to use the word “names” or “name” in the caption depending on the number of children):

«Caption(DependantNames,Enter the <IIf(count(Child) > 1,'names','name')||[Names]>)»

The problem with this is that the > when in the context of > 1 will be interpreted as ending the Dynamic Caption and give a syntax error.

In this case, the comparison of the number of Child repeaters with 1 is best achieved with the GT function, thus:

«Caption(DependantNames,Enter the <IIf(GT(count(Child),1),'names','name')||[Names]>)»