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XpressDox v2.3 is ready for you

XpressDox v2.3 is ready for you

Hello, I just wanted to let you know we were hard at work over the holiday season! We added a lot of the functionality you requested to XpressDox, and there’s still more to come during 2010.

Download XpressDox v2.3 here.

Seth Rowland gave us two ideas for this release: A Template Painter that enables you to add your choice of color to start and end block commands so your template reads more easily (done!), and a dynamic conditional capture dialog which hides fillpoints under certain conditions. This gives you an opportunity to make capture dialogs more efficient for users to use (done!). Thanks Seth.

Also, you asked that when using Choose commands you can show entire paragraphs of text in the capture dialog to assist users in making the correct choices. Done!

And, we’re officially releasing the XpressDox Server API on Tuesday next week, February 2.

If you’ve got masses of data you need merged into complex documents, then the XpressDox API is for you. You can integrate it with your applications, and other systems like Accounting, CRM, and document management.

We’re offering you an opportunity to download the API for a free trial, before its official release to the market. Download your XpressDox API now.

If you’d like to see which other features have been added to XpressDox you can review them on this site.

Best regards
Chris Pearson

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