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Version 10.4.0 (2018-12-12)

Version 10.4.0 (2018-12-12)

2018-12-12 Version 10.4.0

  1. IncludePicture and InsertPicture can take a URL as the source of the picture.
  2. Swiss French format for NumberPhrase is supported. Use the language option fr-ch.
  3. When saving data only in the Desktop interview, the interview will no longer exit but allow more data capture to be done.
  4. The SetWebInterviewMinimumHeight will help the author to control the position of the buttons at the bottom of the interview.
  5. The ChooseFromDataset command extends the functionality of the ChooseFromData to accept any XPATH expression to select the data.
  6. In Captions, Headings and Footings, the insertion of information as the interview progresses has been enhanced. For example, the caption “Please enter the date of birth of <PartyName||[Party]> will display the caption as “Please enter the date of birth of [Party]” until such time as the data element PartyName has been captured, As soon PartyName is captured, for example as “John Smith”, the then caption will display as “Please enter the date of birth of John Smith”.
  7. The «Paragraph()» function will split the containing paragraph into two at the point where it appears in the template. «Paragraph(NumberStyle)» will apply the Word style NumberStyle to the new second paragraph.
  8. The IsFalse function has been introduced. It is the equivalent of not(IsTrue()), but easier to type and read.
  9. It is now possible to supply the option 'Unencrypt' to the AppendPDF function, which causes the resulting PDF to be editable.

Web Release Notes

  1. Checkboxes in the Grid are now available in the web. They no longer show as textboxes.
  2. Using the command «SetWebInterviewMinimumHeight(350)» you can now set the minimum height of Back/Save/Assemble buttons on the bottom.
  3. CurrencyToCents – Takes a value in a currency and returns the cents value.
  4. Eq – Compares the comparand1 with comparandWithWildCard using the asterisk as a wild card. If the comparandWithWildCard has no wild card, then the two are stripped down to alphabetics only and compared as case-insensitive.
  5. ExtractInitials – Extract the initial characters of the words which are separated by spaces, and join them with the delimiter string.
  6. GetItemOfElement – Extracts the requested item number, starting at 1, from a comma-delimited list of items. Functionally equivalent to GetListItem.
  7. GetListItem – Extracts the requested item number, starting at 1, from a list of items. Functionally equivalent to GetItemOfElement.
  8. InsertInto – Inserts the string textToInsert into the designation position in the source string. If position is too high or low it resolves to the end or beginning of the string.
  9. Lookup – Source is of a format like “en-us:behavior;en-gb:behaviour;af:gedrag”, and key would contain the part before the : which, if found, causes the part after the : to be returned.
  10. Plural – Returns the singular or plural depending on the value of number, which can be either a number or a boolean expression indicating that the singular version must be used.
  11. PrefixWith – If the source string is not empty, prefix it with the prefix, otherwise leave it empty.
  12. StringLength – Returns the length of the string.
  13. SubstringAfterLast – Gets the substring after the last delimiter. If no delimiter then the entire string is returned.
  14. SubstringBeforeLast – Gets the substring before the last delimiter. If no delimiter then the entire string is returned.
  15. SuffixWith – If the source string is not empty, suffix it with the suffix, otherwise leave it empty.