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Version 2.2.5 (2009-09-25)

Version 2.2.5 (2009-09-25)

1. Template CommonDataElementNames.xdtpl in My Documents\XpressDox will load automatically into the Template Author’s Toolkit if there are no other schemas from previous loads. This template can be modified by the user to include only their commonly used names.

2. Insert Today’s Date has been added to the Common Tools menu on the toolbar/ribbon.

3. The command «Heading(CompanyName,COMPANY DETAILS)» will insert the text ‘COMPANY DETAILS’ as a heading above the CompanyName data element in the data capture dialog.

This can be used to break the dialog capture area into relevant sub-sections. Together with the «Tab(...)» command, this provides a powerful yet simple way to sub-divide the data capture dialog.

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