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Version 3.6.0 (2011-03-31)

Version 3.6.0 (2011-03-31)

  1. An underscore in the data element name is converted to a space when the data element name is used as a caption in the interview.
  2. The Command Editor and the XpressDox My first template document are loaded automatically the first 3 times that XpressDox is loaded.
  3. The «Define()» command is introduced – enables definition of most of the interview-related properties (Caption, Heading, Footing, Tab, Rule, Initial Value, “Choose” command) to be done in one command.
  4. The «InsertFormattedText()» command had a bug when there was a comma in the text.  This is fixed.
  5. Prior to this release, XpressDox did not install correctly on a system with Office 2010 and Windows XP (both 32 bit).  XpressDox will now install correctly on such a system.

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