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Version 4.3.8 (2012-08-30)

Version 4.3.8 (2012-08-30)

2012-08-30 Version 4.3.8

  1. The verbose checkbox now works properly (the situation where the default value is one of the “checked” or “unchecked” values, and also the verbosity no longer depends on the length of the text after the ~~ – the presence of the ~~ indicates “verbose”).
  2. Complex predicate syntax (e.g. «chapter[part/section/sectionid = ../requiredSectionID]/part[section/sectionid = ../requiredSectionID]/partnumber») catered for.
  3. The function CentsToCurrency will convert a currency value representing a whole number of “cents” (or “pence” – i.e. the 100th part of the major denomination in a currency), to the currency value.  For example, if the value of data element CentsValue is 1234599, then «CentsToCurrency(CentsValue)» will render as “1234.99”.  The same formatting string can be provided as for FormatNumber¸so that «CentsToCurrency(CentsValue,'#,0.00')» will render the CentsValue as “1,234.99”.
  4. The function CurrencyToCents will perform the reverse process.  These two functions are usefull when arithmetic is to be done on currency amounts – it is better to perform the arithmetic on the value as cents and then convert to currency only when needed to render the result into the document.  This reduces the chance of rounding errors being introduced.
  5. If there are repeaters in a template and they are all excluded from the interview (with ExcludeFromIV) then the interview will no longer contain an empty treeview.

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