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Version 5.4.0 (2013-11-20)

Version 5.4.0 (2013-11-20)

2013-11-20 Version 5.4.0

  1. Include/InsertPicture will change the extents of the image in the document so that the aspect ratio of the actual image is maintained, but the image in the document will remain within the rectangle specified by the command.
  2. Required is no longer only conditionally relevant, it is also only relevant if the data element is used somewhere else in the template. It means if a template author used the fact that Required implied CaptureDataElement, then this implication will no longer function.
  3. There are some situations where, for example, If/Else/End commands need to appear in their own paragraphs.  In the past some of these situations were not detected correctly.  This has been fixed in this release, but it might mean that templates that appeared to function correctly in the past will now issue an error message relating to commands being required in their own paragraphs.
  4. The XpressDox Explorer has a “Check Syntax” option which will allow template authors to select a folder and all the templates in that folder will be tested for syntax correctness.
  5. Condition handling inside «ForEach()» loops has been tightened up.
  6. In Version 5.3.3 the “copy dataset to clipboard” debugging feature was added.  This debugging feature has been enhanced in that the internal XML schema governing the interview can also be copied to the clipboard (and then pasted into a text editor for viewing).
  7. The Lookup function will enable the template author to, for example, select the regional spelling of a word depending on language.  For example: