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Version 6.0.0 (2014-02-21)

Version 6.0.0 (2014-02-21)

2014-02-21 Version 6.0.0

The most important new feature in Version 6 is the ability, using the data source commands, to create new rows in the underlying data base of the data source.  Up to this version, XpressDox has permitted reading of existing data and updating individual columns (fields) in the data.  Now it is possible for the template author to instruct XpressDox to create new data rows in the data sources.

  1. The ChooseFromDataSource, IncludeDataSourceData, LinkToDataSource,  and the new command LinkToDataSourceOnEnter, all support the new option called AllowInsert.  This option appears where Refresh,RefreshSave, etc. occur.  This functionality is covered in the Cookbook.
  2. The above commands all now have an option which can be used to govern, on a per-user basis for example, whether the “Save” part of “RefreshSave” will be executed.  Thus the same template and data source can be run by different people, and any data changes made by those users in the interview will be saved back to the database only if the particular user is suitably authorized.
  3. The ReadOnly command can be given a condition which is tested when the interview is constructed, and the data element(s) listed in the command will be read-only only when the condition is true.  This condition could, for example, be made to function on a per-user basis, so that some users would be allowed to modify the value of the data element and others would not.
  4. A number of bugs which have been found have been fixed.  Typically they affected only a few users each, and those users will recognise them from their disappearance.