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Version 8.3.2 (2016-10-05)

Version 8.3.2 (2016-10-05)

2016-10-05 Version 8.3.2

  1. The Decimal option in «CaptureDataElement(Price,Decimal)» will automatically insert a Rule into the interview to allow only numeric values to be captured.
  2. When a template name is used in an IncludeTemplate command, then normally the extension .xdtpx is not required in the file name. However, if the file name itself contains a dot (‘.’) then the extension must be provided. The Command Editor wizards now contain that information in their Help text.
  3. A bug around executing two or more MergePDFForm functions without having to re-load Word is now fixed.
  4. The user interface for non-authors now includes German as a supported language (along with English, French and Afrikaans).
  5. The interview component (in the Desktop version of XpressDox that is used for the CaptureAsLongText command will now support nearly all the editing functions of Word.