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Version 9.2.2 (2017-08-10)

Version 9.2.2 (2017-08-10)

2017-08-10 Version 9.2.2

New Features

  1. The Rule command can now be applied to all repeaters, not just those captured in a grid.
  2. Execution of LinkToOtherData changed from last of all the exit events to just before LinkToDataSet and (if no LinkToDataSet) before OnExitSet.
  3. Bug fixes

  4. When the CaptureFromDataElements control was in a Tab, the drop-down was not being populated.
  5. The result of functions Chr(10) and Chr(13) in the text in InsertFormattedText will now function identically.
  6. When a ChooseFromRDBList appeared immediately after a ChooseFromDataSource then combined with Use Other Data the behaviour was not correct.
  7. The evaluation of non-delayed Rules on the ChooseFromDataSource was being done too early – before the data had been retrieved.
  8. The application of Refresh on the data source commands was not being done – it was only being done for the RefreshSave option.
  9. The first control in the desktop interview was not getting focus.
  10. There were problems with Preview functionality which have been corrected.