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The ChooseUsingCheckBox command

The ChooseUsingCheckBox command

ChooseUsingCheckbox. The interview will represent this command as a Checkbox. The values of the data element thus chosen will be ‘true’ or an empty string. For example:
«When(PersonIsMale = “true”,he,she)»

The command is quite customizable, so another variation could be:
«When(Sex = “M”,he,she)»

In this case the second ‘F’ indicates that the initial state (before a user clicks in it) of the checkbox is the unchecked state, and its value is the value when unchecked, viz. ‘F’.

Where this default value is not specified (as in «ChooseUsingCheckBox(AttendSchool,Yes,No)») or is specified but is neither the value when checked nor the value when unchecked (e.g.«ChooseUsingCheckBox(AttendSchool,Yes,No,Don't Know)»)) then the checkbox is first shown in the indeterminate state – i.e. neither checked nor unchecked.

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