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The Chr Function

The Chr Function

This function can be used to return a character based on its numeric (Unicode) value.

It will probably only be used in the context of building up a string where the character can’t be typed directly.  One such application is the building of a set of address lines into a block which can be displayed using the InsertFormattedText command.

Example: the command below assumes that values have been captured into AddressLine1 and AddressLine2, and the concat will join the two together, separated by a carriage-return character Chr(13). The concat is executed when the focus in the interview leaves the field for capturing AddressLine2 (see the OnExitSet article for an explanation of that command)


For more examples, see the article Use Chr to make an apostrophe.

Note that this function is available only in version 4.2 and later of XpressDox.

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