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The CommasAndList Function

The CommasAndList Function

This function is very similar to the List command. The difference is that List operates on repeated data elements (e.g. the names of parties), whereas CommasAndList operates on a list which is contained either in one data element, or, more typically, in a variable constructed out of other values.

Suppose a variable named ‘JoinedValues’ is constructed earlier in the document from other values, where the joined items are separated by the character ‘/’. The following example will present those joined values with the ‘/’ delimiter being replaced by ‘, ‘ in all cases except for the last, which is replaced by ‘ and ‘.

┬źCommasAndList(GetV('JoinedValues'),'/',', ',' and ')┬╗

If the variable JoinedValues looked like ‘Sunday//Tuesday/Wednesday//Friday/Saturday’ then the above function would output:

Sunday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday

A special feature of this function is that empty values (e.g. in the above example, where two ‘/’ characters appear together as ‘//’) are ignored.

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