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Conditional processing – If, Else, When

Conditional processing – If, Else, When

Text can be included in or excluded from the merged document depending on the value of data in the data set. For example, suppose special wording is required when the BalanceOutstanding is greater than $10000; the If command would be used like this:

We note that your account is overdrawn by an amount of $«BalanceOutstanding». Please ensure that this amount is paid to us within 48 hours«If(BalanceOutstanding > 10000)» failing which you will be handed over to our attorneys«End()».

The Else() command can be used in conjunction with If:

The document must also be signed by «If(PartyType=“Minor”)»the legal guardian«Else()»the party’s marital partner«End()».

The When command can be used when the text to be included or excluded is small and requires no MS Word formatting. For example adding an ‘s’ to pluralize:

This fax consists of «NumberOfPages» page«When(NumberOfPages != 1,s)».


If appropriate, «When(Gender = "Male",he,she)» will be required to use public transport to get to work.

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