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The ExcludeFromDataSet Command

The ExcludeFromDataSet Command

Some data are only needed during the merging of a template, and are not needed to be saved in the data set file. This would normally be the case where data are included from a data source, and any subsequent use of that data would require the data to be re-read from the data source in any case.

«ExcludeFromDataSet()» can be used to exclude individual data elements, or all those included from designated data sources, from the saved data set.

For example:
«ExcludeFromDataSet(DataSources,Users,Accounts)» will exclude all data elements which were inserted into the data set from the data sources called “Users” and “Accounts”.

«ExcludeFromDataSet(DataElements,UserID,UserName,UserEmail)» will exclude the data elements UserID, UserName and UserEmail from the saved data set.

Note that this feature is available only in Version 4 and later of XpressDox.

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