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The Hyperlink Command

The Hyperlink Command

The Hyperlink command will attach a hyperlink to a heading or footing in the XpressDox interview.  When the user clicks on the heading or footing, then the hyperlink will be launched.

An example would be:


Variable information (sourced from data elements in the data set) can be inserted into the hyperlink URL at the time the user clicks it.  This variable information is specified by including the data element name(s) inside single angle brackets, like this:


The Hyperlink command needs to refer to a data element (in these examples this is the data element called Description) which has a Heading (or Footing) command specified for it, and that Heading or Footing should be styled by the template author to look like a hyperlink, i.e. underlined and some shade of blue.  For example:

«Heading(Description,|^u^@Navy@Click here to open a web page which has information on how to enter a description ...)»

The Description data element can be defined in full using the Define command, which would look something like this:

«Define(Description,Enter the Description,|^u^@MediumBlue@Click here to open a web page which has information on how to enter a description,,,,,,,,,Heading;www.mydomain.com/help-with-description)?»

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