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The InterviewFont Command

The InterviewFont Command

This command will set the font for all controls, captions, headings, footings, etc., on the interview.

One drawback of the current default font (which is the Microsoft default font for user interfaces) is that it is sometimes just a tad too small. Particularly when it comes to commas and full-stops (periods), which are basically indistinguishable from each other in the Microsoft Sans Serif font. A font which seems to overcome these drawbacks is MS Reference Sans Serif, and so the following command will switch the entire interview over to that font:

«InterviewFont(MS Reference Sans Serif/8.2)»

Any font which is supported on the user’s platform can be used. If the font is not supported (or if you mis-type the font family name in the command), then the interview font reverts to the default.

The Command Editor wizard for the InterviewFont command provides a helpful font-selector feature and makes sure the syntax is correct.

The article Styling and coloring the Caption, Footing and Heading shows how to apply styling (including the font) to individual captions, footings and headings.

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