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The Log Functions

The Log Functions

There are three similar functions which can be used to debug a template.


This takes one argument and would look something like:

«Log(Reached the paragraph after A)»

This creates a log message in a file called LogXpressDox.txt which will be written to the My Documents folder of the user running the template.

Another variant of the Log function would be:

«Log(concat('Reached point a, variable X has value:', GetV('X')))»

But this is catered for by the function


This would look something like:

«LogVariables('Reached point b, variables are',Total,SubTotal,VAT)»


This is similar to the LogVariables function, but perhaps not as useful, in that variables can change their values during an assembly (that’s why they are called “variables”), whereas data elements maintain their values for the lifetime of the assembly process.

«LogDataELements('Reached point c, data elements are',Name,Address,DateOfBirth)»