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Press Getting Started in the XpressDox toolbar for basic template development
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Press F1 for help on a command in the Command Editor
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Quick start guide to XpressDox

Quick start guide to XpressDox

With XpressDox document assembly software you need only 4 steps to produce a complete document:

  1. Open a new Microsoft® Office Word document, and then start typing your template document.
  2. Wherever you want a data element, or variable, simply click on the ‘Insert Field’ button in the XpressDox menu.
  3. Once you have your document set up, click on the ‘Save Template’ button in the XpressDox menu, and give your template a meaningful name.
  4. To run your template, click on the ‘Run Template’ button in the XpressDox menu, then fill in the items on the form.

That’s how easy it is to produce a complete document in XpressDox.

Why don’t you give it a try? If you don’t have XpressDox yet, fill out your contact details below to get your FREE! XpressDox trial today.

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