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So how do you know whether XpressDox will be a good replacement for HotDocs?  To begin with, we’re so confident that XpressDox will work for you that we offer a three month unconditional money back guarantee.

XpressDox Document Automation

How easy is it to Switch from HotDocs?

This will depend on how many templates you have and how complex your templates are. For basic and moderate complexity documents, XpressDox includes a conversion utility as standard. However, if you have complex templates, some editing will be required after the conversion. For complex templates, we recommend you contract with one of our certified installation partners to convert your templates.


With 300+ commands in the XpressDox library, XpressDox is at least as powerful as HotDocs. Both products have a similar vocabulary.

HD to XD Converter

XpressDox includes a conversion utility from HotDocs to XpressDox as standard. Complex templates will need some editing after the conversion.


Desktop, Web, API. Own-hosted or secure Cloud. Stand alone or integrated. XpressDox has the functionality you need.


XpressDox was first launched in 2008. Since then the product has been matured by thousands of client enhancement requests.


XpressDox responsiveness to support or enhancement requests is highly rated by clients. Put simply, XpressDox cares for its clients!
Should you switch from HotDocs? The fact that you are on this site probably means you have already made up your mind to change systems. But with all the options on the market, how do you choose the right product for your needs?

Preparing for the Switch from HotDocs

Plan to Convert Yourself?

If you plan on doing the template conversion yourself, the first step is to download a free 30-day trial copy of XpressDox Author for MS Word. The trial has full functionality, and ships with the HotDocs conversion utility as standard. However, before you begin converting templates we recommend you watch the XpressDox Tutorial videos and familiarize yourself with some of the XpressDox commands.

Similar Commands to HotDocs

While many of the XpressDox commands are similar to those in HotDocs, XpressDox has a slightly different approach to developing templates. For straightforward templates, XpressDox commands may be inserted directly into the document, simplifying the coding process. You also don’t need to create a CMP file, although some of our advanced users still prefer to do that. Learning XpressDox will take a little effort on your part, but you’ll find that you will soon get the hang of it!

Or Outsource the Conversion Process

If you would prefer to outsource the template conversion process, click on the Contact Us button below and someone will be in touch.