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Document Automation


For advanced coders, XpressDox has a library of over 300 powerful commands and a number of useful integration options to cater for any document automation requirement you can think of.
XpressDox Document Automation

Why Advanced Users prefer XpressDox

XpressDox is widely regarded as the most powerful document automation system on the market today. That is partly because of its comprehensive command library, but also because of its flexible deployment options and its ability to integrate with data-sources, file-systems, websites, and other third party applications.

Comprehensive Command Library

There are over 300 XpressDox commands to handle even the most sophisticated document requirements. Create Scripts for re-usable objects, save Clauses to a central location for inclusion in templates, and include master files so save time during coding.

Data Sources

Data can be imported from most databases, including SQL Server, Excel, Access, MySQL or ODBC databases. These connectors allow the system to re-use information from CRM systems such as Salesforce, and from accounting and practice management systems and most other in-house applications.

File Systems

Completed documents and data files can be auto-named from data captured in the interview and saved into most file-systems, including Windows, Cloud drives, Sharepoint, Salesforce, iManage or HighQ.

Word, Web, API

XpressDox is also really flexible when it comes to deployment. Whether you want to run it on MS Word or the Web, or even as an integrated interview in your website or app, XpressDox is equally at home in all of these environments.

On-premise or Hosted

Host your XpressDox system on your local network, on an own-hosted server, or on one of XpressDox’s secure Cloud servers located in Azure data centers around the world. Authentication is via login and password, or using SSO via Windows Authentication or Microsoft Azure AD.

Useful Help Resources

Another reason advanced coders like XpressDox is the help resources which are available. Coders can search for command help using Google, access the FAQ section on the website, join the user forum, or email XpressDox Support for help from a real person!

External Facing Interviews

Another reason advanced coders love XpressDox is that all server products offer external client-facing interviews as standard. Users share interviews securely with users or clients outside the organization, and all information entered is saved to the XpressDox database.

With so much power and flexibility, it is easy to understand why so many advanced coders are switching to XpressDox!