Intake Questionnaires for Law Firms

The legal industry has embraced the use of technology in many aspects of its operations and the utilization of intake technology is no exception. In recent years, the use of online intake questionnaires has become increasingly prevalent, providing a cost-effective and simple solution for law firms to gather crucial client information. This method of information collection not only streamlines the process, but also reduces the administrative burdens placed on law firms and ultimately lowers the overall cost of operations. By delegating the responsibility of providing information to the client, law firms can save valuable time and effort in the initial consultation process. The use of intake technology in the legal industry is expected to continue growing in popularity as its benefits become more widely recognized and embraced.


Benefits to Using Intake Questionnaires

There are numerous advantages to using intake questionnaires for law firms, including:

  • Streamlined Information Gathering: Intake questionnaires enable law firms to collect information from new clients in a consistent and efficient manner.
  • Improved Organization: The information gathered through intake questionnaires can be easily stored and organized, enhancing the firm’s ability to access and utilize the information as necessary.
  • Increased Accuracy: Intake questionnaires can help ensure that crucial information is not overlooked, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing the precision of case information.
  • Enhanced Client Relationship Management: By providing a comprehensive record of client information, intake questionnaires can assist law firms in developing stronger relationships with clients and improving overall service levels.
  • Time-saving: The utilization of intake questionnaires can save time by eliminating manual data entry and reducing the duration of initial client consultations.
  • Better Case Assessment: The information gathered through intake questionnaires can aid law firms in accurately assessing the potential success of a case and determining the best course of action.


Formulating the Intake Questionnaire

Law firms need to consider the questions that will be included in the intake questionnaire, taking into account the specific requirements of each practice group. It is essential to ensure that the questionnaire accurately captures all relevant information about the client.


Once the questions have been determined, the questionnaire can be saved and made available for future use. The firm can then share the questionnaire with clients either via email or embed the form on their website. The client can complete the questionnaire, with the information being transmitted back to the firm automatically. In this way, the use of intake forms streamlines the information gathering process and reduces the administrative burden on the firm.


Customization and Security of Intake Questionnaires

The firm has the option to customize the initial email and theme the questionnaire in their colors and corporate logo, creating a professional image. For added efficiency, the captured information can also be reused in other templates, such as engagement letters, by matching the field names. The firm also has the option to add a PIN to the client’s email for added security. The client can pause the questionnaire and return at a later time, with all answers automatically saved.


Using the management console, the firm can monitor the client’s progress and collaborate on answers if necessary. Upon completion of the questionnaire, both the firm and client will receive notifications, and the firm can decide whether to make the completed document available to the client immediately or to engage the client manually.


Integration with Document Management Systems

Intake forms can be integrated into document management systems such as NetDocuments and iManage, improving efficiency and accuracy. The information gathered from the intake forms can be automatically transferred into the firm’s document management system, reducing manual data entry and improving the accuracy of client information. Additionally, the integration of intake forms with document management systems can improve the security of client information and ensure that the information is easily accessible to authorized personnel.


Ease and Affordability

By delegating the capture of information to the client, law firms reduce costs and allow clients to provide information at their own pace. With the ease and affordability of this technology, it is expected to see a widespread adoption of intake technology in the legal industry in the coming years. Intake forms can be integrated into well-known document management systems such as NetDocuments and iManage. Integration allows law firms to use intake forms as part of their overall document management and organization process, improving efficiency and accuracy.



Intake technology provides numerous benefits for law firms, including streamlined information gathering, improved organization, increased accuracy, and better client relationship management. The technology is easy to implement, customize, and secure, and it can also be integrated with document management systems. The widespread adoption of this technology is expected to continue in the coming years.



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