Large Law Firms and Corporations Choose XpressDox

An ever-increasing number of large law firms and corporations choose XpressDox as their document automation software provider. The reason behind this trend is that XpressDox provides a single platform for all the firm’s document automation needs.


Low code to full code functionality

XpressDox gives large firms everything they need such as internal templates for advanced power users or a low code user interface for the less-advanced departmental users. It also has external questionnaires for new client take-on. What users really like is that XpressDox can be run on Microsoft Word, web, or via the XpressDox API. The software is so versatile, it integrates with nearly any data source (SQL Server, Excel, ODBC, Salesforce), and saves to most file systems like iManage, NetDocuments or SharePoint.


Intelligent interviews

With XpressDox, the generation of sophisticated interviews is handled by the system, leaving the developers to focus on real development. By separating the interview and document coding from development, XpressDox makes it easier for firms to maintain their document templates, without having to wait for the development team to schedule the project.


Document management made easy

XpressDox fits in with their existing architecture. XpressDox can accommodate almost any DMS or file system. It can provide data from a large number of source databases such as SQL Server. Single sign-on, using Azure AD or Windows Authentication saves you time. Easily launch templates from the XpressDox Explorer or from almost any other file system, website, or application using the API. With XpressDox, you are also able to integrate with both internal and external data sources for maximum re-use of data.


Competitive pricing structure

XpressDox is licensed per named user. That means that large firms can implement as many servers as they need without any additional cost. Users can also have XpressDox installed on their home or work computers, and even run applications via their tablet or smartphone. What’s great is that anonymous users are free, so you can create client-facing solutions without having to pay for additional user licenses.


Template library for easy access

XpressDox makes it easy to manage a wide-spread template library with thousands of users. The software enables you to launch templates from a central web application, or to run them from within your intranet, knowledge base, SharePoint library, or iManage. You can even merge templates from inside your in-house applications. Login is handled via Azure AD or Windows Authentication, minimising setup and permissions management.


Powerful command library

In order to handle even the most sophisticated template needed, XpressDox includes over 300 commands. You can create re-usable documents (scripts) and request a default code template, which contains most used functions and data sources. The software enables you to create a standard glossary of field names, re-use information across multiple templates, design workflows for emailing notifications to select users or clients when assembly has completed and share questionnaires with external users via email. All this functionality is within a totally secure system.


Beautiful and customisable interviews

XpressDox can be themed to match the firm’s corporate identity, even going as far as using a completely customised cascading style sheet. When it comes to creating useful, easy-to-follow interviews, no other document automation system comes close. XpressDox also allows users to add guidance notes and support, or even add hyperlinked reference help in the interview. You can also add validation and rules to ensure users capture valid information or create sophisticated decision trees for expert guidance. The software allows you to collaborate with clients or external users on the completion of shared interviews.


Advanced security

XpressDox is extremely secure and all information is encrypted during transport and at rest, so large enterprises can have peace of mind knowing their clients’ personal information is safe. Firms have the option to host on secure XpressDox servers (shared or dedicated), or on their own on-premise or hosted servers. XpressDox conducts regular penetration tests and ethical hacks to ensure the system is secure.


Usage reports

Recently, large law firms and corporations have realised that they need better control over their document production. That’s because the biggest problem for document automation is not the development of templates, it is user adoption. XpressDox includes reports that show who ran which template, and when, and which templates are the most popular. By knowing which users are using the system, and which users aren’t, firms are better prepared to manage user adoption.


Large law firms and corporations already have a problem managing a large number of disparate systems which run in different environments. With XpressDox, a single solution caters for almost any need across the enterprise. Additionally, XpressDox fits in with the firms’ existing architecture, speeding up implementation, and reducing the amount of training and deployment required.

XpressDox delivers power and flexible document automation software to help large law firms and corporations achieve their growth targets.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

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Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs with the world’s #1 document automation software for Word, Web & API

To learn more about XpressDox, visit our Learning Centre

Trusted by the largest and most respected firms in over 25 countries to power their document automation solutions.