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Version (2009-07-27)

New Releases

Version (2009-07-27)

1. The New Data Source wizard now has an ODBC option to assist with creating ODBC data sources (other than for Access and Excel which are currently handled via ODBC).

2. The speed of merging has improved significantly, especially for long templates.

3. It is now possible to drag-and-drop files within the Explorer. For example, to drag a file into an existing folder in the My Folders list, or to add a template to the My Favourites list.

4. The Explorer now has a Remove From My Favourites feature.

5. The New Data Source Wizard checks column names for XML naming compliance. Although in general it is possible to create databases with column names containing non-XML compliant characters (such as spaces), since XpressDox requires its data to be presented in XML, the names of columns in data sources need to be XML compliant. Prior to this version, non-XML compliant database column names would give rise to sometimes confusing error messages.

6. The default refresh option for inclusion of data source data is now Refresh (no longer RefreshOptionalSave).

7. A toolbar (in Word 2003) and ribbon tab (in Word 2007) called Basic Template Author has been introduced. This has some fairly obvious buttons on it, but the interesting one is the first (for Word 2007 the first in the Common Tools menu) – Insert Office Letterhead. This inserts a «BaseTemplate» command at the top of the document, and the path of the template is what is configured in the user’s Home configuration as the standard Office Letterhead. This provides a mechanism of ensuring that users have an easy way of using the latest version of a firm’s letterhead.