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Version 2.2 (2009-08-13)

New Releases

Version 2.2 (2009-08-13)

1. Language specific versions of the CurrencyToWords command have been introduced: viz. Dollars, DollarsFrancaise, EuroDeutsch, EuroFrancaise, Pounds, Rand, RandAfrikaans.

For example, if the data element Amount has a value of 1234.56 then «Pounds(Amount,“ToUpper”)» will be rendered as ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR POUNDS AND FIFTY SIX PENCE.

2. Some new functions and commands:
a. StartsWithVowel function. Can be used to choose the correct indefinite article before a word (i.e. “a” or “an”). For example “I went to the shop and bought «When(StartsWithVowel(Fruit),an,a)» «Fruit».” For the values of Fruit being “apple” and then “banana”, the results would be “I went to the shop and bought an apple.”, and “I went to the shop and bought a banana.”
b. Replace function: «Replace(Name,“e”,“é”)» will replace all occurrences of the letter “e” in the data element Name with the letter “é” and put the result into the document.
c. CaptureDataElement command. This is another name for the DefineDataElement command. Read about both of them in the User Reference.
d. ChooseUsingCheckBox command: This will put a check box control in the Data Capture UI. A new recipe in the Cookbook discusses some uses of this.
e. Tab command: Permits splitting up the data capture screen (for non-repeating data elements) into logical areas represented by tabs. Read more about this in the User Reference.

3. A new licensing paradigm has been introduced. XpressDox will revert to running in an un-licensed mode, even if the previous version was licensed. New licenses can be acquired by clicking the Licence button on the toolbar, and then press Get New and follow the instructions.

4. The Template Author’s Toolkit now has a “Format Merged Fields” button which will format all fillpoints in a template with the colour and font defined in the “Define Fillpoint Font and Colour” feature.