Commercial terms for using the XpressDox API

Although we market, sell, and support XpressDox for our own account, we recognize that developers in various parts of the world are uniquely positioned within their own markets to provide a more comprehensive document drafting and assembly solution to suit their customers’ needs.

Distribution and licensing

The latest version of the XpressDox Docussembly™ API may be downloaded from this site by registered API users. You’ll be notified when new versions of the API are available so that you always have access to the latest XpressDox document assembly functionality.

The API comes with an initial evaluation license. When you are ready to use the XpressDox API commercially we will send you a 12-month license key, which is renewable annually.


If you cease to use the XpressDox API commercially, please notify us. From that point we will not bill you with the maintenance fee. XpressDox may terminate a relationship if a developer habitually operates their account in arrears, or commits a breach of trust towards a customer or XpressDox.

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