Commercial terms of the XpressDox Reseller relationship

As with all other aspects of the XpressDox Docussembly™ Certified Reseller Program, the commercial terms of the relationship are based on trust between a reseller and XpressDox. We market, sell, and support XpressDox for our own account, yet we recognize that document drafting and assembly professionals in various parts of the world are uniquely positioned within their own markets to provide a more comprehensive solution to customers’ needs.


Within their territory an XpressDox certified reseller should manage the entire sales and support experience for each end user it introduces to the product, including: Pre-sales consulting; quotation, sale, and invoicing; collecting payment for license fees; implementation; acceptance; training; customization and system design; and, ongoing maintenance and support.

Distribution and licensing

The latest version of XpressDox Docussembly™ may be downloaded from this site, and is a full working copy. And since the downloaded software can be used straight away without being licensed, one of the classic software distribution bottlenecks is removed. This makes life a whole lot easier for XpressDox resellers.

Only commercial use of XpressDox needs to be licensed: Non-commercial use, including home use, is free of charge. Resellers also may use XpressDox free of charge.

License fee, cost of sale, and additional service charges

The most recent XpressDox license fees are published on this site, which may change from time to time. The license fees, quoted in US Dollars per end user, exclude any sales or value added tax, or other similar charges, duties, or levies, applicable to software sales in the reseller’s territory. A reseller has the responsibility to ensure these transactions comply with the law governing transactions of this type in their area.

XpressDox will charge a reseller 80 percent of the end user license fee as a cost of sale. An additional, negotiated, volume-based discount, to a maximum of 15 percent of the license fee, may be available to a reseller for single invoice, end user license quantities in excess of those specified on the price list.

A reseller is entitled to render, and charge reasonable amounts for, other consulting and implementation services to its customers in connection with XpressDox software.


This agreement continues by virtue of sales activity, and so, except in circumstances beyond the control of either a reseller or XpressDox, if a reseller fails to purchase any XpressDox end user licenses in any 3 consecutive calendar months, a reseller’s certification may be revoked. XpressDox may also terminate a relationship if a reseller habitually operates their account in arrears, or commits a breach of trust towards a customer or XpressDox.

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