Why become an XpressDox Docussembly™ reseller?

Here are 10 reasons to join the XpressDox certified reseller program today!

  1. XpressDox is one of the leading document drafting systems available today. It includes all of the commands that are required for template building, and accesses a wide variety of data sources. The system is XML based, which ensures that it is compatible with most other systems.
  2. Although XpressDox is extremely simple to use and learn, resellers will be required to implement more sophisticated applications. In effect, XpressDox can be as easy to use or as sophisticated as it needs to be, which means that there will be plenty of revenue generating opportunities for resellers.
  3. If there are any commands that you need added to the system, we will gladly consider incorporating them into XpressDox.
  4. The typical bottleneck of supply doesn’t happen with XpressDox. You may install XpressDox licences as soon as you get the go ahead from your client, and they can be registered online.
  5. XpressDox does not compete with its resellers. If you can show that you were the cause of a client choosing XpressDox, we’ll be pleased to pay you your commission. With XpressDox, never again will you have to worry about a software manufacturer cutting you out of a deal.
  6. We automatically give you a credit line. However, should you fail to pay on due date, we reserve the right to withhold issuing further licenses against your purchase orders.
  7. An XpressDox reseller is not required to purchase any initial product, or to hold any stock. The latest version of the full product may be downloaded and installed directly from the XpressDox website.
  8. XpressDox is the most actively marketed document drafting brand at present, and it is our intention to escalate our marketing efforts still further. Leads will be passed to resellers in preference to a direct sale.
  9. Where resellers create their own XpressDox template suites, they can submit these for sale through the XpressDox template market. Revenue on template sales are split 50/50 with the author.
  10. XpressDox is more affordable than the other products in the same class. This means that there is more consulting revenue potentially available for resellers.

Special offers

From time to time we’ll announce special offers for certified XpressDox resellers only. Once you become an XpressDox reseller, you’ll be able to participate in fantastic deals like this:

For former GhostFill or Amicus Assembly resellers or clients, XpressDox offers a one-for-one swap out at no charge until the end of April 2010. This also provides scope for resellers to earn consulting revenue for conversions.

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